Celebrating the last graduation of the season

Malaika’s Shelter is a place of hope and opportunity for abandoned children, providing them with a safe environment, education, and a chance to build a better future. Today, we are proud to share the news of the last graduation of the season.

This graduation marks the end of a successful academic season at Malaika’s Shelter, and we celebrate his accomplishments with immense pride and joy. We recognize that his success is the culmination of collective efforts: his determination, the support of Malaika’s team, and the generosity of donors and volunteers.

With graduation a significant milestone, our graduated boy now sets his sights on a new chapter in his life. He has expressed his aspirations of entering the School of Medicine to pursue further his passion for healing and helping others. The shelter and its supporters stand behind him, providing guidance and encouragement as he prepares to take the entrance exam for the School of Medicine.

Let his achievement be a reminder of the transformative power of education and the potential that lies within every child, given the right opportunities and support. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who contribute to Malaika’s children’s journey.

Update from Malaika

Easter was a time of great joy at Malaika: We all celebrated together with Francesco and, finally, also with Giulia, who had been missing for a

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