Choose to remember

Choose to remember a departed loved one with a donation in memoriam.
Make a gesture of solidarity to help poor or abandoned children by paying tribute to the memory of a family member, a friend or a colleague.

You can make your donation online or by bank transfer, putting in the description box “donation in memory of [departed person’s name]”.

If you want to continue the donation over time, consider making your donation continuous by sponsoring a scholarship named after your departed loved one. See our SCHOOL PROJECT

Donations to Malaika are tax-deductible.

Celebrate the memory of a departed loved one

Stories of the children

The story of Silvia

Hello! I am Silvia
I’ve been living in the Malaika family home for a few months with my little brother Ovye since our mother died.

La storia di Livy

Hi! I’m Livy
But this is not the name I had as a child, I received it at Malaika when the “aunties” found me in front of the gate a few years ago.

The story of Julian

Hi! I’m Julian.
They tell me I’ve been living in the Malaika since I was born. I don’t know my parents, they must have been desperate to leave me alone.