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Malaika also grows thanks to the important assistance furnished by our supporting companies


For more than ten years, Malaika has been collaborating with Italian and international companies through a network of relationships built over time that allow children to grow up in a protected environment at Malaika family home.

In this section, you can find some ideas on how to collaborate with Malaika and support a child’s life and studies, giving him or her a chance for a better future.

All donations to Malaika Children’s Friends are tax-deductible.

Contact us to create a shared path in line with your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.
For more information write to Giulia Leone

Allocate a percentage
of your profit

Each year you can choose to allocate a percentage of your profit to contribute to the growth of the children followed by Malaika.

Sponsor a project

Meeting the needs of Malaika requires a constant effort: you can decide to sponsor one of our special projects, contributing in whole or in part to the cost of its realization.

Set up a scholarship

To guarantee the children’s education, we can establish a scholarship on behalf of your company: it is an ongoing manifestation of a significant commitment.

Support fundraising with your products

You can help support our fundraising campaigns (holidays and anniversaries) by offering your company’s products.

Make your Christmas and Easter presents with Malaika

For the holidays, gift your customers and employees a traditional Italian cake, or choose our greeting cards for holidays.


We are proud to thank the companies and associations that support Malaika

Special thanks go to the friends of the "graphics laboratory" Blue Reflex,
who have been helping Malaika with communication activities for years.

We also wish to thank the companies that provide us
with products for our Christmas and Easter campaigns

For information request contact: