Dedication and consistency

As in a real family, children find a safe place, cares, education and above all love.

Our mission at Malaika Children’s Friends is to welcome orphans and children in need who need a safe and loving environment, ensuring them healthy food, medical care and access to quality education.

We want them to live in a family environment and we assure them a constant presence. We accompany them in their growth and discuss with them problems and solutions related to everyday life, just like in a normal family. We work with dedication and consistency, so that all of them can consolidate their points of reference over time.

Whenever possible, we try to reunite children with their families or close relatives, making sure they grow up well in the local community.
If necessary, we continue to support children and those who take care of them, providing healthcare and education.

In general, we are committed to giving these children as much care as possible and to providing resources and opportunities to change their lives, in order to build a better future for themselves and their communities.