At Christmas and Easter time, Malaika organizes fundraising campaigns through the supply of exquisite traditional Italian cakes.

A network of volunteers in several Italian cities and Spain and the Czech Republic provide for collecting orders and distributing the cakes. 
We can also ship to other geographical areas, if number of orders are enough

The fundraising campaign for Christmas and Easter is a tradition to which supporters of Malaika adhere for years, booking traditional Italian cakes.

Every year the proceeds of the initiative go to finance a project that is particularly needed in Malaika.

Celebrate holidays and help children in need realize their desires!

Examples of our Christmas proposals

Classic panettone hand wrappen 750 gr

Classic panettone metal tin
‘pattinatori’ 750gr.

Classic pandoro elegance metal tin 1 kg

Examples of our Spring proposals

Colomba classic fresh vintage tin 750 gr.

Colomba classic handwrapped
1 kg

Colomba with chocolate cream
750 gr.




The cakes, kindly supplied by the traditional Chiostro di Saronno company, are accompanied by a greeting card from Malaika that recalls the beneficial purpose of the initiative.

The greeting card can be printed in any language.



For information and orders write to: