‘Malaika Guardians’: to gift school to every kid

School is the solution to develop the potential of our children, is the way to lift young people and their country out of poverty. Education opens a world of opportunity in a child’s life.

‘Malaika Guardians’ is a special initiative designed to give the possibility to all our children and teenagers, both resident in Malaika and reunited with their families, to have access to quality education.   School offers a unique opportunity to better understand the world around them and to develop their skills.

The campaign is renewed every year, aimed to cover all children enrolled in kindergarten, primary, secondary and, for those who make it, even University.

Thanks to their commitment to study and our supporters’ help, we are proud to say that all our children have passed the entrance exam to secondary school and continue to learn in a country where only a quarter of the children attend secondary school.

The number and the age of kids at Malaika have grown since the first years of activity. As a result, school expenses have increased dramatically, representing the most significant outlay for Malaika.

How to support the SCHOOL PROJECT

Scholarships / Malaika Guardians

Almost all the children at Malaika already receive remote support from their sponsors for subsistence expenses, but this is not enough to cover school costs.
We therefore ask for further support from families and companies in helping children in their study path.
It is also possible to establish a scholarship in memory of a missing loved one and continue over the years to help a child, keeping his or her memory alive. Contact us!

Cost per scholarship:
1,000 euro/year for kindergarten and primary
1,400 euro/year for secondary school


Free contribution for tuition fees

Teacher’s aid for individual study

We want to support our children by collaborating with a teacher outside school hours, on Saturdays, and during holiday periods.
The teacher helps children with school difficulties, who otherwise would have difficulty passing the year, and stimulates those who manifest potential not adequately developed in the school environment.

Cost: free contribution for teachers’ salary

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