The beginning of the school’s year

This period is full of big changes and important choices. While elementary school children began the new school year in January, a dozen or so are approaching the end of high school in the next two to three months, and this opens up a range of options that need to be discussed with each of them, as in any family.

Some want to continue their studies, and even the path choice requires time and research. And those who already plan for future work by planning with Francesco and Jutta internships and job placement training in local companies.

For one of the little ones in January, there was the first day of school, much envied by his two friends still in kindergarten but briefly, as they will join him next year.


Update from Malaika

Easter was a time of great joy at Malaika: We all celebrated together with Francesco and, finally, also with Giulia, who had been missing for a

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