“Premio Bontà 2022” to Malaika

Malaika Children’s Friends received “Premio Bontà 2022”, Goodness Award 2022 from U.N.C.I., National Union of Knights of Italy. It is a day of great pride and satisfaction for Malaika to have received this important recognition in the beautiful venue of the City of Vanzago.

Read more in the article in Prima Milano Ovest.

Planting corn

Time flies, we still have the Christmas celebrations in our eyes and hearts, but before long, it will already be Easter. The year began with

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New beginnings

December marks the end of the calendar year but also the end of the school year for Tanzanian schools. It is a time of celebration

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Candle workshop expands

These are weeks of construction and big changes in Malaika. After several months of planning and research, construction has begun on the candle workshop, separate

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