A special visit from the consulate

Dear friends and supporters,

In December, we opened our doors to Stefano Pancera, communications officer of the Tanzanian Consulate in Italy, who visited us in Malaika. During his stay, we had the opportunity to introduce him to our commitment and work that has been going on for almost 20 years.

Stefano Pancera showed a deep interest in our activities and the projects we carry out, such as the candle factory and the vegetable garden. The care that he took during our presentation was a tangible sign of his sensitivity and openness to solidarity and charity initiatives.

In addition, we are grateful for the valuable advice he offered, highlighting perspectives and suggestions that will help us improve and broaden the impact of our work.

His visit also allowed him to share time with Malaika’s youth and children. He played with the children and exchanged a few words with each of the older ones. His recognition reinforces our commitment and motivates us to continue working for the good of the communities to which we dedicate ourselves. 

We thank Stefano Pancera for sharing his time with us.

Update from Malaika

Easter was a time of great joy at Malaika: We all celebrated together with Francesco and, finally, also with Giulia, who had been missing for a

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