Back to school

From mid-April, school is reopened for everyone. 
We are pleased to offer all the children and teenagers at Malaika a good school and proud that every one of them has successfully passed the entrance exam in high school.
In a country where only 25% of children attend high school, having 100% of our students attend high school with a good profit seems an outstanding result. We hope that they will continue to study profitably for themselves and their country.

We take this opportunity to thank all the families and companies that support us to cover school fees: without you, we would not achieve these successes.

Planting corn

Time flies, we still have the Christmas celebrations in our eyes and hearts, but before long, it will already be Easter. The year began with

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New beginnings

December marks the end of the calendar year but also the end of the school year for Tanzanian schools. It is a time of celebration

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Candle workshop expands

These are weeks of construction and big changes in Malaika. After several months of planning and research, construction has begun on the candle workshop, separate

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