Interview with “A Coded World”

Giulia, one of the founders of Malaika Children’s Friends, was interviewed by ‘A Coded World’, the non-profit association created by Bali Lawal, already a top model of Nigerian origin, who is committed to promoting and supporting talents.

Bali also wanted to give space to solidarity initiatives involving Malaika Children’s Friends during the Christmas season.

Watch the full interview with Bali Lawal and Prisilla Zamboni.

Thanks again to Bali a to A Coded World for this opportunity!


Planting corn

Time flies, we still have the Christmas celebrations in our eyes and hearts, but before long, it will already be Easter. The year began with

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New beginnings

December marks the end of the calendar year but also the end of the school year for Tanzanian schools. It is a time of celebration

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Candle workshop expands

These are weeks of construction and big changes in Malaika. After several months of planning and research, construction has begun on the candle workshop, separate

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