The lockdown doesn’t stop us!

Around the world, the Covid-19 emergency has led to more or less prolonged periods of lockdown, which here in Tanzania lasted three months and mainly concerned the closure of schools.
Despite the restrictions, during the closing of the schools, we visited the kids who had returned to their families after spending some time with us. These visits allow us to make sure that the children are going to school and that their needs are taken care of.
Everyone was pleased to see us, and, given the state of need, we brought some food to share with families.
After the reopening of the schools, our staff could also visit our children who study in schools far away. They, too, were happy to see us, and we were so glad to hug them again and know how much they are committed to their studies.

Update from Malaika

Easter was a time of great joy at Malaika: We all celebrated together with Francesco and, finally, also with Giulia, who had been missing for a

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