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Visit at school for high school students

  High school kids stay at boarding school for several months in a row. This is why receiving a visit from home is always a great joy! Even more so when it doesn’t arrive on the day of the parents’ scheduled reception, but it’s an unexpected surprise…

This is what happened today with the arrival of Francis, one of the two directors of Malaika, who for a long time had not been able to go to Malaika because of the pandemic. The guys just didn’t expect it to come, and it was a great joy for everyone..

We were happy to find them well, very motivated to study for their final exams of the school year, which ends in late November.
And the emotion of reuniting was great.

Focus on learning

Malaika’s activity continues in following boys and girls who returned to their families after having lived in Malaika for a while when the original family

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