Have your ceremony in support of Malaika!

Whether you are celebrating the birth of a child, degree, birthday, or wedding – these are all moments one loves to share with close friends and family. Now it is possible to transform your special day into a special gift for Malaika children as well. How you ask? Well, these are our suggestions, but the options are endless.

Firstly, you can propose for your friends and family to fundraise for Malaika children as a gift to you, instead of receiving presents. Secondly, you can donate directly to Malaika children as a one off, or on a monthly basis to provide school fees for one of our children.

As a thank you from us, we will prepare you a paper full of the children’s smiles (see below), or you can tailor yours to as you please. We can also provide assorted African print fabric bags (9×10 sm) with matching ribbons, and you can fill them with your choice of sweets, as a thank you gift to your family and friends.

All donations will go directly towards the children’s school fees and towards purchasing school supplies (books and stationary for our children).

Please contact us to organise how to make the above possible.

Donations to:
Malaika Children’s Friends onlus:
Banca Prossima
IBAN: IT 57 C 030 6909 6061 0000 0063 382

Thank you once again for your generosity